Dominion Centennial Audio Series

Installment #1: The 100-Year Journey

Vision. Energy diversity. Bold decisions. Great people. These are just some of the reasons why a small Virginia transportation and power company has successfully grown into one of the nation's largest energy providers.

In this recording, Dominion Chairman, President and CEO Thomas F. Farrell, II, shares his reflections on Dominion's 100-Year journey. His words remind us how strong a company can become when it adapts to changing times and never accepts anything less than success.

Thomas F. Farrell, IIThomas F. Farrell, II

Installment #2: Life Before Electricity

Imagine:  You and your family are huddled in the kitchen near the warmth of a wood stove.  A kerosene lamp lights the room.  Mom hand-washes the dishes and Dad stacks the milkman's new delivery in the icebox.  There are no computers or televisions, only the soft hum of a battery-powered radio.

It may sound like a scene from an old movie, but Moses Foster, Sr., actually lived it.  And in this recording he recalls life before electricity was brought to his home in rural Prince Edward County, Virginia.

Moses Foster, Sr.Moses Foster, Sr.

Installment #3: Selling Electricity

In the early years, the benefits of electricity weren’t widely understood. To sell a service people didn’t fully understand, the company brought its message to the people — educating customers across the region about the wonders and efficiencies electricity could bring. With the help of home economists, agriculturalists, and an electricity icon named Reddy Kilowatt, word quickly spread.

This audio file tells the story of how Dominion promoted the use of electricity to consumers. And how two electric company employees sparked a lifetime romance.

Nancy and Milton WoodliefDominion retirees Nancy and Milton Woodlief

Installment #4: Early Technology

You've heard it said before: "You need the right tools for the job." But what happens when the tools are for a company as diverse as Dominion? And what if they're for a job that helps the company meet the energy needs of a few million people and growing? Suddenly, those tools become much more dynamic.

In this audio file, Dominion retirees from several departments recall how they adapted as the tools of their trades changed along the way. 

Early TechnologyNew tools vastly improved many tasks at the power company.

Installment #5: Working the Lines

Within an energy provider as large as Dominion, you'll find a lot of people doings lots of different jobs to make the company great. While most of our workforce is busily making things happen behind the scenes, there's one group of employees who are always on the front lines: the men and women who work the lines.

Dominion linemen are company ambassadors - there to serve the public 24/7. Whenever or wherever the power goes out, it's up to the linemen to restore it. In this audio file, Dominion linemen give insight into their job, the challenges they face, and how they gained their proud status.

 Dominion linemanThe lineman is the iconic image of an electric utility.

Installment #6: Mutual Aid

Floods, hurricanes, snow and ice. Some events are beyond our control, and sometimes they take a devastating toll on communities. One of the frequent casualties of a natural disaster is the local electricity system.

Fortunately, there's a thing called "mutual aid." When an area is overcome by a weather event and the regional utility is overwhelmed with emergency repairs, companies from all over the country—including Dominion—arrive on the scene to help restore power. It's people rallying together for the greater good. In this podcast, you'll hear some of the reasons why the heroic efforts of these personnel deserve our continual thanks and praise.

Mutual AidElectric utilities assist each other during emergencies using mutual aid agreements.

Installment #7: Not Just a Job

Throughout its history, Dominion has employed hundreds of thousands of people. For many of them, it's not "just a job" but a career opportunity.

As part of the company's year-long look at its 100-year history, this audio file includes interviews with employees and retirees who appreciate working for Dominion and love their work. From a husband and wife team to a gentleman who still has his original paycheck, Dominion employees take pride in their company.

Dominion prideEmployees take pride in their company.

Installment #8: Serving the Community

Is there anything more rewarding than giving back to a community that's given you so much throughout the years? Dominion employees don't think so, and they believe service to the community comes in lots of forms.

Take Lola Ausby, for instance.  She's been with the company an inspiring 32 years, and has received Dominion's "Volunteer of the Year" award twice. In this audio file, you'll discover that the spirit with which she so freely gives her personal time is one that is carried throughout the company culture of Dominion.

Serving the CommunityEmployees proudly serve their communities.

Installment #9: Focus on Safety

When a job involves men and women working with thousands of volts of electricity, there isn't room for carelessness or error. Safety is serious business at Dominion — a priority that's infused into company culture. It starts at the executive level and spreads to those below.

And while delivering power to millions of households demands that Dominion practice safety in its daily operations, the organization also recognizes its responsibility to preach electrical safety to customers. This audio file describes how focusing on safety is a job in and of itself — one that's vital to the well-being of Dominion workers and the public.

VEPCO First Aid TeamSafety is infused in our company culture.
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