Environmental Stewardship Grants Program in Virginia

The Dominion Foundation is offering a competitive environmental stewardship grants program in Virginia. The Dominion Foundation will consider grant requests that focus on specific, short-term projects that promise measurable results to improve the environment. The projects should support one or more of the following priorities:

  • Protecting and preserving natural habitats and open spaces
  • Monitoring water quality
  • Preventing pollution
  • Making nature accessible
  • Educating the public about environmental stewardship

Application Cycle

  • May 30 – Applications due by 5 p.m.
  • July 1 - Notification to all applicants
  • August 1 - Public announcements

Program Details
The Dominion Foundation will award up to $500,000 in environmental stewardship grants throughout Virginia to nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations. Colleges and universities and K-12 schools are encouraged to apply through the Dominion Educational Partnership programs.

Project Description
The project description should total no more than 2,000 characters for the executive summary and no more than 6,000 characters for the supplemental information. It is recommended that grant applicants type the proposal using word processing software, then copy and paste. The proposal should include:

  • Specific plan of action  including project activities, locations and targeted audiences
  • Anticipated outcomes that address identified community need
  • Effective evaluation methods
  • Plans to sustain the program and share results with Dominion and the community.

Budget Items and Restrictions
Dominion will consider full funding of amounts requested in each proposal, but reserves the right to fund some proposals partially. Budget items may include but are not limited to: supplies and materials, equipment specifically related to the proposed project and staff training.

Funding Restrictions
The Environmental Stewardship Grants program will not cover:

Proposal Evaluation
A panel of Dominion representatives that includes Foundation staff and Environmental Services staff, serving as subject matter experts, will review the applications. The review panel will consider whether the proposal:

  • Focuses on specific, short term project(s) that promise measureable results to improve the environment
  • Represents innovative and promising ideas to meet stated objectives
  • Demonstrates careful planning and strong likelihood of success, including plans to sustain the project
  • Includes plans to evaluate and share results on effectiveness of the program

Expectation of Grant Recipients
Grant recipients will be asked to:

  • Meet with Dominion representatives to review their proposal, discuss project parameters and receive the grant check
  • Complete a detailed final report one year after receipt of grant

Recent Awards

For More Information
If you have questions, email the Dominion Foundation.

How to Apply
To begin your application, first complete the brief eligibility quiz.

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