Energy Conservation

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Energy Conservation is one of Dominion's Top Priorities

Start Saving Today!

In June 2008, Dominion announced a comprehensive energy conservation plan that could result in saving customers more than $1 billion over 15 years. This will also result in avoiding emissions equal to removing more than 130,000 cars from the road.

What can you be doing now - not only to save energy for the environment but also to save money on your bills?

The one sure way to save money on your bills is to reduce your electricity consumption. We have tips and calculators for both consumers and businesses to learn about their usage and ways to cut consumption.

Please note that reduced energy costs are not guaranteed through implementation of the suggestions provided on this site. However, such suggestions have demonstrated measurable savings in various homes, businesses, and industrial environments when properly implemented.

Partnerships and Endorsements

In addition to information on reducing consumption, Dominion is partnering with the U.S. EPA/DOE ENERGY STAR program to help get the word out about using energy-efficient appliances and making energy-efficiency improvements at home.

We also endorse the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency Recommendations, which provides principles and guidelines for state legislatures, public utility commissions and electric utilities to use to meet the nation's growing demand for energy by delivery cost-effective demand-side options.

In addition, Dominion Virginia Power has partnered with EarthCraft Houseā„¢ Virginia to deliver a voluntary green building program to serve as a blueprint for healthy, comfortable homes that reduce energy consumption and protect the environment in the Commonwealth.

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