Holiday Lighting Energy Calculator

Green Holidays

Holiday Lighting Quantity
100-Bulb Strings of LED Lights (5 Watts):
100-Bulb Strings of Mini or Icicle Lights (50 Watts):
25-Bulb Strings of Bigger 5-Watt Bulb Lights (125 Watts):
Spotlights (150 Watts):
Holiday Lighting Usage Hours
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Your Estimated Usage

KWH per Day: Cost per Day: Cost per Month:

Example: To see how much you can save by using LEDs over traditional lighting, enter a number of strands of mini (traditional) lights and how many hours you intend to use them each day. To compare, reset the calculator and enter the same number of LED strands and the hours per day. Big difference!

Note: Results from this calculator are based on Dominion's average electric rate of 10.83 cents per kilowatt-hour.

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