Smart Pricing Plan


Smart Pricing for Your Home Smart Pricing for Your Business 

The Smart Pricing Plan rewards participants for using electricity during low-demand periods.

The Smart Pricing Plan takes advantage of smart metering technology which measures energy usage every 30 minutes and enables Dominion to offer pricing plans that vary based on the time of day.

On the Smart Pricing Plan, participants enjoy lower costs based on demand. When overall demand increases, Dominion must use more expensive resources to meet this demand. Similarly, when demand is low, Dominion is able to utilize less expensive resources to provide the electricity you use.

The Smart Pricing Plan encourages participants to use energy when the demand is low by giving you a lower price for electricity during those times. By reducing energy used in peak periods, participants are helping us better manage our existing generation resources, providing environmental benefits, and ensure that a steady and reliable stream of electricity is available for everyone.

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