When Your Energy Use Increases

Ask yourself these questions if you've noticed an increase in your energy usage:

Has there been a significant hot or cold spell?

Hot summer and cold winter days mean your heating and cooling system has to work harder to keep your home comfortable. Prepare ahead by improving the insulation in your home and preventing air leaks.

Have you added to your home?

A new room makes your heating and cooling system work harder and longer, thus increasing your energy usage.

Have you been on vacation?

Your bill will probably go down a little while you're away, then go back to normal when you return and wash extra laundry, etc.

Are there more people in your house than usual?

More people (especially a new baby) mean more showers or baths, more laundry, and a general increase in electricity use for lights, television, warmer rooms, etc.

Have you added or replaced any major appliances?

Adding a dishwasher, for example, means more electricity for the appliance and possibly more to heat water. Use our handy online calculator to see how much it costs to run your appliances.

Have you checked the filters in your heating and cooling system lately?

Clogged filters increase the energy necessary to operate your system. Clean or replace your filter(s) monthly and keep your system operating at maximum efficiency with an annual checkup by a qualified technician.

What are your thermostat settings?

During the heating season, set your thermostat back at night on gas, oil or propane systems. For heat pump systems, it's best to find a comfortable setting and leave it there. During the cooling season, save as much as 3% on your energy costs for every degree you raise the thermostat setting. Use ceiling fans to help circulate cooled air.

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