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Strong Men & Women

You can see and download high resolution copies of Strong Men & Women posters that Dominion distributed from 1991 - 2012. Just click the desired year below.

You may print these posters for personal use, book covers, bulletin boards, or use them for computer wallpaper or backgrounds. Several graphic formats are available.

2012.JPG 2000.BMP
2011.JPG 1999.BMP 
2010.JPG 1998.BMP 
2009.JPG 1997.BMP 
2008.JPG 1996.BMP
2007.JPG 1995.BMP 
2006.JPG 1994.BMP 
2005.JPG 1993.BMP 
2004.JPG 1992.BMP 
2003.JPG 1991 - Men.BMP 
2002.JPG 1991 - Women.BMP 
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