Benns Church Substation

Project Update

On October 17, 2013, the Isle of Wight Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve Dominion’s expansion and redevelopment plans for its Benns Church Substation located near Lankford Lane.

Due to changes in construction schedule, the project is now targeted to begin in Winter 2015 with a completion date of Summer 2015.

In late 2012, Dominion Virginia Power electrical planners identified an energy challenge that would require expanded electrical facilities in response to growing capacity and forecasted electric load levels being exceeded in the region. As a result, Dominion is proposing a plan to rebuild and expand the Benns Church Substation located on Benns Church Boulevard near Lankford Lane.

Increasing the size of the substation, originally built in 1972 will allow for additional equipment to be installed in order to provide improved reliability of electric service in Isle of Wight and the immediate region, now and in the future.

Project Details

Fact Sheet and Project Map
Project Description

The existing Benns Church Substation, located on Benns Church Boulevard near Lankford Lane, is situated on 3.2 acres and was originally designed and constructed in 1972. As energy needs continue to increase, our plan for enhancement will provide a much needed upgrade to the facility.

Work will be required inside a 2.5 acre expanded fence area, and include installation of new equipment and control house to resolve potential load issues (> view a map).

Project Benefits

Dominion’s substation project will:

  • add needed capacity to serve local residents and businesses,
  • comply with mandatory NERC Reliability Standards, and
  • improve overall reliability for the community.
Project Timeline
  • Spring 2013 -- Outreach to local officials
  • Summer 2013 -- Public outreach, letters, website, community meetings
  • Fall/Winter 2013 -- Submit application for local approval to construct
  • December 2014 -- Community outreach and notification of intent to construct
  • February 2015 -- Construction scheduled to begin, pending approval, applicable permits
  • August 2015 -- Target date to energize substation
  • Late Summer/Early Fall 2015 -- Landscaping improvements begin
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Questions and Answers

How will the completion of this project benefit me as a resident?

Due to the interconnected nature of the electric transmission grid, all power users in the area rely on Dominion's transmission infrastructure to deliver reliable power. The enhanced substation will provide increased operational flexibility and greater system reliability. As an area resident, this means fewer outages, and shorter durations should an outage occur.

What is the cost of expanding this substation?

Preliminary estimates indicate a $5.8 million investment to construct and energize the enhanced substation.

How old is this substation?

The Benns Church Substation was originally built in 1972.

What will be the environmental impact of construction at the substation?

As part of our regulatory applications, Dominion completes an evaluation of potential environmental, cultural, and historical impacts of the project. Dominion works with many local and state agencies to complete these evaluations and mitigate any impacts. All required permits are obtained and permitting conditions are met. Permitting agencies typically include the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, the Virginia Dept. of Transportation; and commenting agencies include the Virginia Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries and the Virginia Dept. of Historic Resources, among others.

Our enterprise-wide environmental report describes our commitment to responsible stewardship of natural resources and provides a wealth of information on environmental management and performance. We also invite you to read our Corporate Environmental Policy and our Greenhouse Gas report.

Will there be road closures on Benns Church Boulevard due to construction?

Final traffic patterns for construction needs are still being reviewed. One possible lane closure on Benns Church Boulevard may be necessary for brief periods during construction, but please continue to check this site for updated information.

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