Carson-Suffolk 500 kV Line and Suffolk-Thrasher 230 kV Line

Carson-Suffolk 500 kV Line

This site features information on Dominion's construction of a 500-kilovolt (kV) transmission line, approximately 59.6 miles long, in southeastern Virginia to meet the growing demand for electricity in south Hampton Roads and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

The transmission line begins at the Carson Substation in Dinwiddie County and crosses portions of Prince George, Sussex, Southampton, and Isle of Wight Counties before entering the City of Suffolk and terminating at the Suffolk Substation. This line was energized on May 29, 2011.

Suffolk-Thrasher 230 kV Line

Also proposed is a 230-kV line, approximately 21.5 miles long, in existing right-of-way from Suffolk Substation to Thrasher Substation in the City of Chesapeake.

Additionally, the Carson, Suffolk and Thrasher Substations have been expanded in anticipation of the new electrical equipment required for this project.

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Project Details

Need for the Project

Dominion Virginia Power planners have determined that unless additional transmission facilities are built, our customers in this area will experience significant electric service reliability issues. The addition of the two transmission lines are necessary to ensure continued reliable electric service to the homes and businesses in the growing south Hampton Roads area of Virginia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

The south Hampton Roads area of Virginia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina comprise approximately a third of Dominion's 2.3 million electric customers. This area is served partially by local power stations, but is also dependent on transmission facilities to transfer electric power into the area. There are presently two 500-kV lines that bring in 40 percent of the power requirements.

Reliability studies indicate a growing demand for electricity in this area. By the summer of 2011, our customers in this area will experience significant electric service reliability issues. Jeopardizing the power supply of one third of our electric customers is not acceptable. By building a 500-kV line from the Carson Substation, we would tap into an area that has abundant and reliable energy. The proposed 230 kV-lines between Suffolk and Chesapeake will move the power further east into the center of the high electric demand.

500 kV Project Details
  • Approximate line length: 60 miles
  • Approximate right of way width: 150 feet  
  • Typical pole description: galvanized steel lattice structure
  • Typical pole height: 130 feet  
  • Typical pole spacing: 1000 feet
230 kV Project Details

The study area extended just west of the I-95 corridor and east to the existing 460 highway corridor.

  • View a basic map of the route.
  • Aerial maps (revised 5/07/08) of the Carson-Suffolk 500 kV Line and the Suffolk-Thrasher 230 kV Line. (This file includes an index sheet and 26 maps. Individual maps can be viewed by clicking on the boxes on the index sheet or by using the bookmarks.)
SCC Application

The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) approves all electric transmission facilities of 138,000 volts (138 kV) and above, which includes this project. The Commissioners reviewed all of the evidence and the Hearing Examiners recommendation and issued an order on October 31, 2008 granting approval of the project.

You can access case information at:  Select "SEARCH CASES" on the navigation across the top of the page. Enter the Case Number PUE-2007-00020 in the "Enter Case Number" field and click on "Search."

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