Comparison of Transmission and Distribution Lines

The differences between transmission and distribution lines can sometimes be confusing. Here is a quick comparison:

  • Transmission lines (pictured below, left) are the big high voltage lines that carry electricity over long distances, such as from a power station to a city, or from a grid to a city. They are generally high voltage and are placed on physically "high" towers. Dominion has about 6,400 miles of transmission lines. (> Learn more about transmission systems and overhead lines.)

  • Distribution or subdistribution lines (below, right) are lower in voltage, and are the final stage in the delivery of electricity to end users. They are part of a network that typically includes medium-voltage power lines, substations, pole-mounted transformers, low-voltage distribution wiring and meters. Dominion has nearly 57,000 miles of distribution lines, 900 substations, 566,000 transformers, and 1.1 million utility poles. (> Learn more about distribution lines and what is typically found on an electric power pole.)
Transmission Lines  Distribution Lines 

Transmission Lines

Distribution Lines

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