Idylwood Substation at Shreve Road

PROJECT UPDATE: Work in and around Idylwood Substation at Shreve Rd.

Over the last several months you may have noticed crews busy in and around the Idylwood Substation at Shreve Road. As we’ve described, the Idylwood Substation is a critical electrical hub located at the intersection of two major transmission corridors.

Aside from activities associated with the proposed expansion project we introduced in the fall, there are a few general operational activities scheduled for the coming weeks, including a temporary equipment relocation project at the substation. Below is a brief summary of a few noteworthy dates of which we want to make you aware.

  • Early March 2014:  Single day of heavy equipment delivery scheduled overnight between March 2nd – 3rd*, based on VDOT permit requirements. A period of additional lighting and crew activity is expected. Our crews will operate courteously to minimize impact and inconvenience to neighbors.
  • April 2014: Single day of heavy equipment relocation.*
  • Mid-July/Early August 2014:  Distribution work to begin along Shreve Road.

Please look out for future notices in the mail and on this project page for details on future work.

We appreciate your patience as we complete important operations and maintenance work in your area.  If you have any questions about this project, you can contact our Transmission team by calling (888) 291-0190 or send us an email. (> See Construction Updates below for more details.)

* Schedules are subject to change based on weather conditions.

Dominion Virginia Power electrical planners have noted that by the spring of 2017, deficiencies within the Idylwood Substation at Shreve Road could occur and impact local electrical service reliability.

Dominion Virginia Power is proposing a plan to expand and rebuild the existing substation, originally built in the late 1950’s, to support growing capacity and projected reliability concerns in the region. The proposed enhancements will provide seamless, reliable power to Fairfax County, the cities of Falls Church and Fairfax, and support the energy needs of the Metrorail.

Project Details

Construction Updates

February 2014

On February 7, 2014, Dominion submitted a formal special exception use permit with the Fairfax County Planning Department to complete expansion and rebuild plans at the substation.  Both Dominion and the County will send out notifications alerting neighbors of the public hearings associated with the application later in the year.

January 2014

Beginning in mid-January, you may see Dominion employees or contractors in and around the substation performing preliminary work related to this project. These “pre-construction” activities may include:

  • Trimming/removal of vegetation/trees along Shreve Road by qualified arborists,
  • Flagging or staking along the roadway and around the substation, and
  • Pole/structure evaluation.

For more information about pre-construction activities, please see our pre-construction brochure.

Fact Sheet and Project Map
Project Description

The existing Idylwood Substation at Shreve Road is situated on a 7.15 acre lot near the corner of Shreve Road and Holly Manor Drive. The proposed expansion would increase the substation yard footprint by approximately .95 acres north; .15 acres to the northwest; and .17 acres to the south of the site. (View the project map.)

Due to the limited space at the site, Dominion plans to invest in Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) technology at the site. By utilizing GIS technology, Dominion will be able to largely utilize our existing footprint while modernizing the facility to meet area demand, while minimizing impact to surrounding neighbors.

Project Benefits

Dominion’s substation project will:

  • comply with mandatory NERC Reliability Standards,
  • help strengthen the electrical grid,
  • largely utilize existing substation footprint, and
  • prepare the substatation to meet expected growth & demand for the next 10+ years
Project Timeline
  • June 2013 — Outreach to state and local officials
  • Summer 2013 — Public outreach, letters, website, community meeting
  • Fall 2013 — Submit application for local approval to construct
  • Winter 2014 — Community outreach and notification of intent to construct
  • Spring 2014 — Construction scheduled to begin, pending approval, applicable permits
  • May 2017 — Target date to energize transmission line
Contact Us

Contact us if you have questions or concerns about the construction at Idylwood Substation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the completion of this project benefit me as a resident?

Due to the interconnected nature of the electric transmission grid, all power users in the area rely on Dominion's transmission infrastructure to deliver reliable power. The enhanced substation will provide increased operational flexibility and greater system reliability. As an area resident, this means fewer outages, and shorter durations should an outage occur.

What is the cost of expanding this substation?

Preliminary estimates indicate a $55 million investment to construct and energize the enhanced substation.

How old is this substation?

The Idylwood Substation was originally built in the late 1950’s.

What is gas-insulated technology?

GIS technology is specialized equipment used in areas where expansion of existing equipment is limited. By utilizing GIS technology, Dominion will be able to largely utilize our existing footprint while modernizing the facility to meet area demand.

What will be the environmental impact of construction of the line?

As part of our regulatory applications, Dominion completes an evaluation of potential environmental, cultural, and historical impacts of the project. Dominion works with many local and state agencies to complete these evaluations and mitigate any impacts. All required permits are obtained and permitting conditions are met. Permitting agencies typically include the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, the Virginia Dept. of Transportation; and commenting agencies include the Virginia Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries and the Virginia Dept. of Historic Resources, among others.

Our enterprise-wide environmental report describes our commitment to responsible stewardship of natural resources and provides a wealth of information on environmental management and performance. We also invite you to read our Corporate Environmental Policy and our Greenhouse Gas report.

Will Dominion repair damage due to construction?

Yes. At Dominion we strive to be good neighbors. The company, at its expense, will repair any private roads damaged by Dominion or its contractors during construction or during future maintenance. In addition, we will reimburse property owners for damage, and repair or replace fences or gates if we damage them.

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