Lexington – Cloverdale 500kV Rebuild Project

In May 2012, Dominion filed an application for State Corporation Commission approval to rebuild our 7.4 mile portion of the Lexington-Cloverdale line, originally built in 1966. On September 7, 2012, the SCC released its Final Order approving this project. Dominion completed construction and the rebuilt line was re-energized ahead of schedule in December of 2013.

Project Details

Route Maps
Project Description

Dominion maintains approximately 7.4 miles of a 500 kilovolt (kV) transmission line that extends from our Lexington Substation southwest to a point near Loose Leaf Lane where the line interconnects with Appalachian Power Company (APCo). This line continues southwest to APCo’s Cloverdale Substation near Roanoke, Va.

Within the existing right-of-way corridor, Dominion has replaced the original towers with new, galvanized steel towers that are slightly taller. The new towers support conductors (wires) with greater capacity.

Project Benefits

The project will:

  • Address aging infrastructure that is nearing the end of its useful life
  • Help ensure continued reliability of the high voltage transmission system
  • Enable better utilization of the Bath County Pumped Storage Hydro Power Station
  • Avoid violations of the mandatory NERC Reliability standards
Project Timeline
  • Spring 2012 - Submit application with the Virginia State Corporation Commission for consideration
  • Early 2013 - Secure necessary local permits for construction
  • Spring 2013 - Community outreach and notification of intent to construct
  • Late Spring 2013 - Construction scheduled to begin
  • December 2013 - Transmission line placed in service
SCC Approval Process

The State Corporation Commission (SCC) is responsible for determining the need, route and environmental impact of transmission lines at 138 kV and above in Virginia.

Dominion filed an application with the SCC in May 2012. The SCC issued its Procedural Order on May 30, 2012, establishing the project as Case Number: PUE-2012-00046.

On August 7, 2012, the SCC Staff issued a report concluding that the company has reasonably demonstrated the need for the proposed rebuild of the 500kV transmission line and recommends that the Commission approve the project. On September 7, the SCC issued a Final Order approving this project.

Documents related to the case will be made available to the public on the SCC Docket Search section of the SCC web site.

To learn more about this process, view our SCC process map.

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