Loudoun County Projects

The map below illustrates the location of projects in Loudoun County. Additional details are provided below the map, or download our project update brochure.

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Projects Under Construction

Mt. Storm-Doubs Rebuild (Item #1, above)
  • Rebuild the aging 500kV transmission line from West Virginia to Maryland (10 miles in Loudoun Co.)
  • Existing 100' structures will be replaced with new towers approximately 114' in height
  • Construction activities to begin in Loudoun Co. in spring 2012
  • Target Date for entire rebuild project: June 2014
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Waxpool Proposed Line and Substation (#15, 10, 8)
  • Rebuild 10 miles of new line on existing right-of-way; 1.5 miles of a new line segment from Loudoun County Parkway west through the high-tech corridor
  • SCC approval received late 2012
  • Target Date: Fall 2014
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Loudoun-Brambleton 500kV Rebuild (#17, 15)

Loudoun-Brambleton 500kV Rebuild (#17, 15)

  • Required to comply with NERC reliability standards, increasing line capacity
  • Aging infrastructure must be replaced
  • Dismantle existing 550kV lattice structures (eastern side of corridor) and replace with a new series of steel structures to optimize the right-of-way (no new right-of-way needed)
  • Install new gas insulated substation (GIS) equipment at Brambleton
  • Filing with SCC: Fall 2014
  • Target Date: 2017
Partial Line Relocation (#11, 13)
  • Requested and funded by property owner
  • Project will relocate approximately 1 mile of existing line crossing over Loudoun County Parkway, east of Greenway substation
  • Relocation will be completed during construction of Waxpool Project

Projects Under Development

Loudoun-Pleasant View 500kV Rebuild (#17, 4)

Remove existing 500kV structures (western side of right-of-way corridor) and rebuild approximately 13 miles of new 500kV line between Loudoun and Goose Creek Substations (located just south of Pleasant View Substation). Rebuilding this line now will:

  • NOT require new right-of-way
  • Replace aging infrastructure prior to equipment failure
  • Replace strustures at, or very near, the current locations with new structures, ranging from 30' - 40' taller (subject to final engineering)
  • Additional Description of Facilities: The south terminal substation for the new line will be Mosby (adjacent to Loudoun) and the north terminal substation will be Goose Creek (near Pleasant View).  At the conclusion of the Project, the rebuilt 500 kV Loudoun-Pleasant View Line #558 will be split and renamed as Brambleton-Goose Creek Line #558 and Brambleton-Mosby Line #590.
  • Filed with SCC: October 2013
  • Target date for Construction: Winter 2014/2015
  • Energize Line: Spring 2016
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Pacific Proposed 230kV Line & Substation (#19)
  • Proposed route requires new right-of-way
  • Additional capacity to serve hgh growth areas to support economic development and maintain reliability for the community
  • Filing with SCC: Summer 2014
  • Target date for construction: Fall 2014
  • Energize line: May 2016

Substation Projects

Edwards Ferry (#3)

Edwards Ferry (#3)

  • Needed to support local growth in Leesburg and relieve local distribution network load
  • Construction began summer 2013
  • Target Date: May 2014
Brambleton Expansion (#15)
  • Work at this substation will be ongoing through 2016 as transmission line project continues
Shellhorn (#13)
  • Needed to support economic development and relieve strain on nearby substations
  • Target Date: May 2014
Goose Creek Substation (#5)
  • Adjacent to Pleasant View Substation
  • New equipment will help maintain reliability levels and optimize existing facilities
  • Target Date: June 2014
Mosby Substation (#18)
  • Adjacent to Loudoun substation
  • New equipment will help maintain reliability levels and optimize existing facilities
  • Target Date: June 2014
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