Transmission Grid

Transmission 101

What is the electric transmission grid and how does it serve local customers and electric cooperatives?

The electric grid is the network of power lines that carries electricity from power plants to residential, industrial and commercial customers. To work effectively, electricity must at all times flow safely and reliably throughout the grid so the power is available when needed.

Most people are familiar with the "distribution" power lines and poles that run alongside roadways or are installed underground in neighborhoods. These lines distribute electricity to our homes and businesses.  The part of the network that carries high-voltage electric power from generating stations to distribution facilities is called the "transmission grid."  (View an interactive map of the U.S. electric grid.)

Physical and Cyber Security

Recent media coverage has highlighted the electric utility industry’s commitment to physical and cyber security. View information on Dominion’s proactive plan to implement additional Resiliency and Security Measures over the next five to seven years.

If you see out-of-the-ordinary or suspicious activity near a Dominion facility, call 1-800-684-8486. Of course, in an emergency you should always call 911. View additional information on our See Something, Say Something policy.

Articles and Information Resources

  • The U.S. electric grid is a complex network of independently owned and operated power plants and transmission lines. Aging infrastructure, combined with a rise in domestic electricity consumption, has forced experts to critically examine the status and health of the nation's electrical systems.  A ten-part series of stories from National Public Radio has been published on, examining the costs, the politics and other challenges of upgrading the country's electricity grid.           
  • National Geographic Magazine has recently published an extensively researched feature article on The 21st Century Grid outlining the need for additional infrastructure to support the growing need for modern living and green energy.  The article also includes a Photo Gallery, interactive maps, energy saving tips, and a link to additional consumer information called The Great Energy Challenge.
  • Virginia Energy Sense is an information source for the Commonwealth of Virginia designed to assist citizens seeking ways to lower their monthly energy bills.  Our energy use is growing.  Houses have been getting bigger, generally speaking, and we own more devices that require more power. On the site, select "Energy 101" to learn more.


Virginia's Energy Roadmap: Meeting Virginia's Energy Needs for the 21st Century

Economic growth is good news for Virginia, but it presents special challenges for Dominion as the largest energy provider in the state. Dominion Virginia Power is projected to experience an increase in customer demand for electricity of nearly 4,000 megawatts by 2022, one of the fastest growth rates in a 13-state region that stretches from Chicago to the District of Columbia and the Mid-Atlantic.

Virginia already imports more power from outside its borders than any state except California. We can begin to rectify that imbalance with a comprehensive approach that combines conservation and efficiency programs with renewable energy sources and new, economic and environmentally sound base-load generation and improved transmission infrastructure.

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