Winfall-Elizabeth City Rebuild Project

Dominion is obligated to ensure that its transmission system complies with federally mandated reliability criteria. We are committed to doing so in a safe, environmentally responsible and economical manner.

To comply with North American Electric Reliability Corporation ("NERC") Reliability Standards and maintain the structural integrity of its transmission facilities, Dominion plans to rebuild approximately 16-miles of existing transmission line facilities in North Carolina.

This upgrade will strengthen the electrical grid and provide needed capacity for continued growth and economic development in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, and Perquimans counties and throughout the region.

Project Details

Route Maps

Detailed maps are in development and will be posted here later in January.

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Project Description

Within the existing right-of-way corridor between Winfall Substation to the Elizabeth City Substation, the H-frame structures you see today will be replaced with new steel structures and wires. The new structures will be approximately the same height as the existing structures. 

  • Approximate total line length— 16 miles
  • Right-of-Way — No additional right-of-way needed; tree clearing will be needed to provide clear access to structures.
Project Schedule
  • February 2013 – Community outreach and Open House event held
  • March 2013 – Begin pre-construction activities to include inspection of the right-of-way for unauthorized encroachments or vegetation for both the co-op delivery point and the transmission line rebuild
  • April 2013 – Begin pre-construction activities to include but not limited to: preparing access entry points with matting or stone, forestry clearing where needed
  • May 2013 – Construction to begin on new co-op delivery point at the Church Street Substation
  • August 2013 – Construction schedule to begin to rebuild the transmission line that runs from Elizabeth City Substation to Winfall Substation.
  • Summer 2015 – Target date to complete and energize transmission line
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Contact us if you have questions or concerns about the Winfall-Elizabeth City rebuild project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this project require additional right-of-way?

No, the rebuilt transmission line will be constructed within the existing right-of-way, and will not require additional right-of-way.

How will the completion of this project benefit me as a resident?

By rebuilding this existing transmission line and constructing a new substation co-op delivery point, Dominion can better serve the surrounding areas and improve power quality and reliability for the community. These improvements will support continued growth and economic development in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank and Perquimans Counties by updating the aging infrastructure. For area residents and businesses, improved reliability means fewer outages and shorter durations when outages do occur.

Will tree clearing be necessary for this line?

Some trees and other vegetation in the right-of-way will be carefully removed prior to construction to ensure safe and reliable operation of the transmission line. Certain types of vegetation outside the right-of-way that could also threaten the safe and reliable operation of the transmission lines may also need to be removed. Trees located outside of the right-of-way which are tall enough to potentially impact the transmission lines may be removed.  These trees are commonly referred as danger trees; view a diagram of danger tree clearances.  Existing low-growing vegetation may be left in place when it does not interfere with construction activities.

Clearing will be accomplished by hand in wetland areas and within 100 feet of streams. Care will be taken not to leave debris in streams or wetland areas. Matting will be used for heavy equipment in these areas, and erosion control devices will be used on an ongoing basis during all clearing activities.

Please note: Dominion’s certified foresters will meet with affected property owners to discuss the plan for trimming and/or removal of trees or vegetation before the work occurs.

Will Dominion repair damage due to construction?

Yes. Our easement agreements allow us access to private roads of property owners crossed by the right of way. The company, at its expense, will repair any private roads damaged by Dominion or its contractors during construction of the line. In addition, we will reimburse property owners for other items such as crop damage, and repair or replace fences or gates if we damage them.

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