Electric Vehicle Pricing Plan


How the Plan works:

  • This plan requires the installation of an additional meter specifically for your EV. Dominion will provide the additional meter at no charge.
  • An 8-hour window provides you the opportunity to charge your vehicle during off-peak periods and take advantage of lower rates.
  • Your bill will be itemized to show charges on the EV Pricing Plan. Your home will remain on the existing standard residential rate. The EV Pricing Plan includes an additional customer service charge.
  • There may be installation costs. A dedicated hard wired circuit is required. Your electrician may recommend additional changes to your existing electrical set up. In this case, you should anticipate incurring costs from an electrician for this service. 

Call 866-566-6436 to discuss and sign up for this Electric Vehicle pricing plan.

To learn more:

  • To better understand the pieces and parts of your bill, view a sample bill and click the question marks for details.
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