Electric / Hybrid Vehicles

Dominion Adds Electric Vehicles to Fleet

Click to enlarge.Dominion has added the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf to its vehicle fleet in an effort to educate about as well as study the impact on our system.  The electric vehicles will help to assess how utilities can manage the new technology.

Our June 2011 video (below left) details how Dominion has purchased three Chevy Volts in an effort to promote electric vehicles as well as study their impact on our system.  The Nissan Leaf was added to Dominion’s electric fleet in October 2011. 

The video (below right) from Sept. 2009 features Dominion's Bob Blue, senior vice president-Public Policy and Corporate Communications, and Tony Posawatz, Volt vehicle line executive.

Ford and Dominion Virginia Power Team Up to Prepare Virginia for Electric Vehicles

Ford Motor Company and Dominion Virginia Power announced on Oct. 18, 2010 they are coordinating efforts to help prepare Virginia for the operation of electric vehicles. Ford and Dominion will work together to develop consumer outreach and education programs on electric vehicles as well as share information on charging needs and requirements to ensure the electrical grid can support the necessary demand.

Ford has five new electrified vehicles planned or on the market, including the Transit Connect Electric and the Focus battery electric.

Cooperation between Ford and Dominion also involves working with the state and local governments on the most efficient ways to bring EVs to the state of Virginia. Government support for infrastructure and an easy charging station permitting process are considered to be two key elements to electric vehicle acceptance in Virginia and across the country. (> Learn more.)

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