Environmental Responsibility

Our enterprise-wide environmental report describes our commitment to responsible stewardship of natural resources and provides a wealth of information on environmental management and performance. We also invite you to read our Corporate Environmental Policy and our Greenhouse Gas report.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental StewardshipEnvironmental quality is inherently long term. Dominion works to protect and enhance the economic and environmental quality of life for our customers and our employees.Dominion is focused on meeting our customers' energy needs in an environmentally responsible manner. We know that today's operations affect tomorrow's environment.

As the major energy supplier in uniquely beautiful and natural regions, we have always worked to protect and enhance the economic and environmental quality of life for our customers and our employees.

We are committed — and will remain committed — to full compliance with all laws and regulations of local, state and federal governments that affect our operations.

We will also continue to cooperate closely with the agencies that regulate our business, and even go beyond legal requirements when such action is supported by sound science and informed policy-making that makes economic sense, and encourages long term solutions.

Dominion will continue to use its dedicated workforce and a spirit of innovation to not only remain environmentally responsible in changing times, but to aggressively seek new ways to provide its customers the services they need with even less impact on the environment that surrounds us all.

Alternative Vehicle Technologies and Fuels

Dominion is participating in several public/private research initiatives to test hybrid vehicles and related systems.  Learn more in our sections on hybrid vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles.

Energy Conservation

How we use energy at home and in the workplace can impact the environment. Find energy-saving tips and helpful information in our Energy Conservation section.

Dominion Partners with Carbon-Neutral House in Northern Virginia

Dominion Virginia Power partnered in 2009 with a host of designers and builders to make a new home in Northern Virginia carbon neutral. The CharityWorks GreenHouse in McLean, Va., is the first carbon-neutral house on the East Coast.

The builders enrolled the house in the Dominion Green Power program, which guarantees that renewable energy was produced and delivered to the power pool, preventing the need for energy to be generated from other traditional sources over time.


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