A Message From Thomas F. Farrell II

President and Chief Executive Officer of Dominion

Thomas F. Farrell IIThomas F. Farrell IISafety, ethical behavior, excellence and teamwork are the cornerstones of Dominion’s corporate culture. Each of those values support and strengthen our commitment to environmental protection.

Large-scale energy production and delivery have an unavoidable impact on the physical world. As one of the nation’s largest makers, movers and sellers of energy, we know we have a special responsibility to be good stewards of the ecosystems that sustain the communities we serve.

We employ environmental professionals to ensure that Dominion’s operations comply fully with applicable environmental laws and regulations. These dedicated and highly skilled engineers, chemists, biologists, scientists and technicians look for cost-effective solutions to the many different environmental challenges we face.   

They work day in and day out to minimize the company’s environmental footprint and maximize our efficiency in using natural resources.

Dominion’s environmental commitment is multi-faceted. It includes charitable giving, volunteer community service, partnerships with environmental groups and government agencies, and capital spending to protect air and water quality, conserve resources and reduce waste from our operations, among other actions.

The following examples illustrate our involvement in areas where energy intersects the environment:

Dominion has spent or committed to spend more than $2.5 billion since the early 1990s to safeguard public health and significantly reduce emissions from our generating stations — even as we produce more power to meet our customers’ growing energy needs.

Dominion is an industry leader in protecting migratory birds, such as eagles, hawks and owls, from the potentially harmful effects of power lines. The company is an original member of the Avian Powerline Interaction Committee, a public/private partnership whose members include the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Audubon Society.

Dominion volunteers roll up their sleeves and head out to parks and natural areas every fall to clear trails, refurbish nature centers and plant trees as part of the company’s annual “Putting Our Energy to Work for the Environment” project day. This award-winning program is one of many ways Dominion employees demonstrate in a very tangible and personal way their commitment to environmental protection.

The Dominion Foundation awarded a $500,000 grant to the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Engineering to upgrade its laboratories and support ongoing research into alternative energy sources, energy efficiency and cleaner ways to use traditional energy resources.
I am proud of the strong environmental ethic we have worked hard to instill at Dominion, and I’m proud of our company’s ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of community life through responsible environmental stewardship.

Our Web site contains more information about Dominion’s environmental policies, programs, partnerships and performance. I encourage you to spend some time touring our site to learn more about Dominion.

Tom Farrell

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