NOx Emissions

Total annual NOx emissions are provided for reported emissions across Dominion operations. During the time period of the chart below, NOx controls called selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems were installed on eight of our largest coal-fired units. The emission reduction from these controls and the Possum Point project contributed to the reductions in NOx emissions seen in 2003 and 2004.

In addition, Dominion's gas transmission and delivery operations have installed emission reduction controls on more than 75 older gas compressor engines in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New York to reduce NOx emissions. Dominion also has installed electronic controllers to monitor and control operation of these engines. Sophisticated maintenance management systems ensure proper operation.

NOx EmissionsRecent and planned construction of new facilities in Virginia and Maryland will include state-of-the-art controls to minimize emissions of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds. In some cases, Dominion has elected to use pollutant-free electric engines to power their gas compressors.

Operation of selective catalytic reduction systems at the Brayton Point Power Station in Massachusetts has resulted in more than a 90 percent reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions from two units.

By 2015, plans are in place to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 80 percent from 2000 levels for coal-fired units serving Virginia.

NOx EmissionsNote: The annual NOx Emissions chart represents reported NOx emissions from all Dominion operated electrical generating sources and NOx emissions from Dominion Gas Operations Title V permitted sources only. The data is provided at Dominion's ownership. (For instance, if Dominion owns 50% of a unit, then 50% of the emissions are included.)

The annual NOx Emissions/MW-hr Generation chart represents NOx emissions from all Dominion operated electrical generation sources only normalized by the net electrical generation.

Close Up: Possum Point Repowering

In early 2003, Dominion completed the repowering of the Possum Point Power Station in Northern Virginia from coal to natural gas, and the replacement of two oil-fired units with a 550-MW state-of-the-art combined cycle natural gas unit. Dominion had been working closely with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to find creative, cost-effective solutions to improve air quality in the northern Virginia area, a designated nonattainment area for ozone, and the repowering project met each of these objectives.

In addition to reducing NOx emissions by about 4,000 tons per year, the project will reduce SO2 emissions by approximately 15,000 tons per year, mercury emissions by about 130 pounds per year and CO2 emissions by more than 35,000 tons per year.

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