Overview of Dominion

In today's increasingly competitive energy marketplace, Dominion is established as a trusted brand name. From its earliest roots as an operator of hydroelectric stations, steam plants and electric trolleys, Dominion has grown into a leading provider of electricity, natural gas and energy services to customers in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the United States and Texas. In 2009, Dominion celebrated its 100th anniversary as an electric utility franchise.

The company serves residential and business retail customers in 14 states. With operating revenue of $15.2 billion and assets valued at $42.8 billion (both as of 31 December 2010), we are one of the largest utility companies in global equity market capitalization and among the 200 largest companies in the world. At the heart of our business is an exceptional and diverse team of nearly 16,000 talented employees.

Read our corporate overview for details, and learn about our commitment to good governance as the cornerstone for strong business performance. Detailed information about Dominion is available in our Annual Report and our Citizenship and Sustainability Report.

What We Do

Dominion is a vertically integrated energy company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. We provide a full array of energy-related operations and services, such as the generation, transmission, distribution and marketing of electricity.

The company provides gas distribution, vast gas transportation and storage services, and also offers a variety of products and services for homes and businesses.

Our assets are detailed in our company overview.

North Anna Power StationNorth Anna Power StationFor electric generation, Dominion uses a mix of energy sources to generate electricity to enhance our system's reliability. This guards against major problems that might be produced by economic, environmental or technical conditions that could arise in a single area.

Dominion Generation provides electricity at wholesale and for 4 million retail customers.

The company can supply electricity demand either from its more than 40 generation facilities in Connecticut, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin or through purchased power contracts when needed.

Dominion operates in many phases of the natural gas business and provides a variety of energy marketing services. Its regulated gas distribution subsidiaries serve approximately 2.4 million residential, commercial and industrial gas sales and transportation customer accounts in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and its nonregulated retail energy marketing businesses serve 2.1 million residential and commercial customer accounts in the Northeast and Midwest.

LNG Pipelines We operate an interstate gas transmission pipeline system in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic states and the Northeast, as well as a liquefied natural gas import and storage facility in Maryland (pipelines are pictured at left).

Dominion’s producer services operations involve the aggregation of natural gas supply and related wholesale activities.

How We're Structured

Dominion manages its daily operations through several primary operating segments: Dominion Generation, Dominion Energy and Dominion Virginia Power. Within these segments are several subsidiaries.

Dominion Generation includes the generation operations of Dominion’s electric utility and merchant fleet.

Dominion Energy includes Dominion's natural gas transmission pipeline, natural gas distribution, and storage businesses, as well as energy marketing and producer services operations, including aggregation of gas supply and other wholesale activities.

Dominion Virginia Power includes Dominion's regulated electric transmission and distribution operations, customer service operations, as well as non-regulated retail energy marketing operations.

Scope of Report

This environmental report is enterprise-wide, describing Dominion's efforts to protect the natural resources in the many diverse areas where we operate. The report describes our commitment to environmental stewardship and discusses new ways that we're reducing environmental impacts. It also highlights our employees' efforts to help the environment, on the job and off.

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