Resource Conservation

In addition to reducing waste and emissions, conserving resources such as energy and water is critical to environmental protection. Dominion continually works to improve efficiency — which brings important business as well as environmental benefits.

Energy Conservation

Dominion works to conserve energy and improve efficiency both in our own generation and consumption and by promoting efficiency measures throughout our customer base. In-house, we have implemented energy conservation projects following a Six Sigma approach. Dominion Six Sigma is a fact-based methodology for achieving, sustaining and maximizing business success in any facet of our operations. A close understanding of customer needs, a disciplined use of data and analysis, and a sharp focus drives it on continually improving business processes.

Recognizing that lower energy bills have a positive effect on the environment, Dominion also provides energy efficiency information to homeowners and businesses. A variety of useful web resources are available online to promote better awareness and planning, including an energy survey and an appliance energy usage calculator.

Conservation Consultants, Inc.

The Dominion Foundation provided funding for a new initiative developed by the Conservation Consultants, Inc., (CCI) an organization dedicated to promoting responsible energy use in homes and other buildings. The Building As A Teaching Tool program focuses on Green Building, renewable energy and energy conservation.

As part of the program, the CCI coordinator meets with and gives presentations at middle school and high school students, as well as directing field trips to the CCI Center which is a green building. The program has been well received in the Pittsburgh area as continues to grow as more schools express an interest in participating.

Water Conservation

Dominion is also using the Six Sigma process to address water use reduction projects such as the reduction of city water use, the reduction of water used in Dominion plant systems, and the reduction of river water used in the clarified water system at Dominion facilities. With the Six Sigma process, Dominion has produced significant results:

Dominion has reduced city water consumption at various facilities by approximately 115 million gallons per year by tightening seals, valving out redundant equipment, installing flow meters and current detectors.

In another project, savings of 31 million gallons per year were accrued by replacing pumps with updated designs that eliminated the need for city water, installing recycle tanks to recycle water, and installing overflow detectors, which reduced flow of water into systems.
At another site, the use of river water was reduced by 157 million gallons per year through improved preventive maintenance in the clarified water system and installation of a three-way valve, which allowed water to be recycled.

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