SO2 Emissions

SO2 EmissionsTotal annual SO2 emissions are provided for reported emissions from Generation. The results of Dominion’s commitment to reduce SO2 emissions is reflected in the trends for SO2 emissions.

Two new scrubbers at Mt. Storm Power Station were put in service in 2002, which allowed for further reductions beyond the existing scrubber on Unit 3.

The completion of the repowering of the Possum Point Power Station in early 2003 contributed to a further reduction in SO2 emissions.

Dominion completed construction on a scrubber in 2008 for the 693-megawatt Unit 6 at Chesterfield Power Station, and it is fully operational.

SO2 EmissionsNote: The annual SO2 Emissions chart represents reported SO2 emissions from all Dominion operated electrical generating sources at their ownership percentage. The annual SO2 Emissions/MW-hr Generation chart represents SO2 emissions from all Dominion operated electrical generation sources only normalized by the net electrical generation at their ownership percentage. (For instance, if Dominion owns 50% of a unit, 50% of the emissions are included.)

A new scrubber was commissioned at Chesterfield for the 344-megawatt Unit 5 on June 30, 2011. It joins the scrubber on Unit 6, referenced above. The remaining two coal-fired units at the station, 110-megawatt Unit 3 and 181-megawatt Unit 4, were tied into the new scrubber by the end of 2011. Fully operational, Chesterfield achieves greater than 95 percent reduction in SO2. (> View a news release and video.)

In addition, comprehensive emissions controls to reduce sulfur dioxide at the Brayton Point Power Station in Massachusetts are operational on Units 1, 2 and 3.

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