Construction and Underground Cables

The ground and parking lots around your building may hide underground power lines, communications cables, gas lines, water lines or other utilities. For major landscaping, foundations or piers, big construction projects, or fence posts... play it smart. Find out first where the utilities are.

One call will bring out crews from all member utilities to clearly mark their underground facilities in your work area. You'll quickly learn precisely where you can dig, and where you can't.

Call Before You Dig (toll-free numbers)

  • National One-Call:  811
  • North Carolina:  1-800-632-4949
  • Ohio:  1-800-362-2764
  • Pennsylvania:  1-800-242-1776
  • Virginia:  1-800-552-7001
  • West Virginia:  1-800-245-4848

For more detailed information, request a detailed facility map. Be sure to provide all of the required information when submitting a request.

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