Kids, Electricity and Natural Gas

Be e-Smart!

Stay safe by learning more about electricity and natural gas on our Website for students, parents, and educators called e-Smartkids. It contains the latest information presented through fun, interactive online technologies.

Here are just a few of the eSmart features:

Indoor Electric Safety Tips

  • Teach your kids not to poke things into electrical outlets, toasters, or any other appliances, on or off. Use plug covers or inserts in all your outlets. They're available in almost any home supply store.
  • Move appliances to the back of counters, and keep electrical cords away from areas where kids can reach. Teach kids that electricity and water never mix. Keep all radios, hair dryers and other appliances secured or out of bathrooms. And remember to set a good example.
  • Make it a habit to unplug small appliances when they're not in use, and push them to the back of your counters. And make sure you use all three prongs of your electric plugs, and replace worn or frayed cords immediately. Never force a plug into an outlet if it doesn't fit, and never nail or tack cords to walls or floors.

Outdoor Electric Safety Tips

  • Electricity can travel down kite strings or wires. Teach your children never to fly kites or balloons near any power lines. Accidents can shock, or start fires.
  • Make sure kids know that if their toys or other objects get caught in electrical equipment, they should leave them and find an adult to help. Balls or other objects tossed or falling into an electrical substation should be left. Call Dominion or the utility involved and have a utility employee retrieve the item.
  • Teach your kids to recognize "Danger" signs, and not to climb in trees if power lines pass through or near it. And tell them that pad-mounted transformers, those metal cabinets on concrete pads are not safe places to play.
  • Downed power lines are big trouble for kids, too. Teach your children to stay well away from them, and to call 911 immediately. Make sure they always assume that any power line is fully charged and is not turned off.
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