Altavista Power Station

Altavista Power StationAltavista Power Station is located on 32 acres in Altavista, Virginia. Dominion Virginia Power placed its Altavista Power Station into commercial operation on July 12, 2013, with 100% renewable biomass as its fuel. Altavista can produce up to 51 MW of electricity. (> View our news release.)

The station will employ 31 with a total annual payroll of nearly $3 million. Another 100 forestry and trucking jobs will be needed to supply the roughly 600,000 tons of biomass that the station will use every year. Initial property tax payments to Altavista and Campbell County will total approximately $590,000 annually.

The fuel is primarily derived from waste wood typically left behind in the forests as part of the logging process for roundwood. Roundwood is harvested to make lumber, pulp and paper, or wood pellets. Waste wood is the smaller tree tops and branches left behind after roundwood harvesting.

Learn more about Dominion's biomass conversions.

The station previously produced enough electricity to power nearly 16,000 homes using coal as its primary fuel. The station's cooling water comes from the Roanoke River.

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