Bear Garden Power Station

Bear Garden Power StationDominion's 590-megawatt Bear Garden Power Station is located in Buckingham County, Va., about 60 miles west of Richmond. Completed in the summer of 2011, the $619 million combined-cycle station produces enough electricity for approximately 146,000 homes.

Bear Garden is a 2-on-1 unit, in which two combustion turbines generate electricity and exhaust heat produces steam to generate additional electricity.

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Brief Facts

  • Gas Fired Combined Cycle uses 2-on-1 GE 7FA Technology.
  • Site construction began April 2009; commercial operations began May 24, 2011.
  • Fueled by natural gas with ultralow-sulfur diesel fuel as a backup.
  • Provides 24 permanent positions, andĀ more than $1 million annually in taxes to Buckingham County.
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