Clover Power Station

Clover Power StationThe Clover Power Station has the distinction of being one of the cleanest coal-fired power stations in the nation. Clover's two units, which began operating in 1995 and 1996, burn an average of 3,786 tons of coal per day.

Clover Power Station is located on the Staunton River, in Halifax County, Virginia, near the town of Clover. During the site clearing and construction of the station, a Civil War battlefield was restored and donated to the state of Virginia.

The site has a visitor's center, a self-guided tour, and plenty for the family to enjoy. It now is managed by the Commonwealth of Virginia as The Staunton River Battlefield State Park. Admission is free and it is open to the public all year. A wetlands area was created along the banks of the river where native flora and fauna flourish.

About the Environment

Clover Power Station control room The station uses the best known pollution control technologies to reduce the wastes it produces and minimize its impact on the environment.

Approximately one third of Clover Power Station's total $1.2 billion cost is devoted to environmental protection, to controlling sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, fly ash, and other unwanted materials produced in the generation of electricity. Burning coal produces fly ash, a powder-like ash. Almost all of it is captured in giant filter facilities called bag-houses.

Clover Power Station is equipped with limestone scrubber technology. Limestone powder is mixed with water and sprayed over the flue emissions.

The sulfur dioxide in the flue gas mixes with the limestone slurry and falls to the bottom of the scrubber vessel as liquid gypsum. The gypsum slurry is then pumped to the primary dewatering system where solids are removed.

The gases produced by the combustion process are carefully controlled. Low nitrogen oxide burners in the station reduce the NOx normally produced in burning coal. Giant stainless steel reaction vessels called scrubbers remove almost all the sulfur dioxide emissions. These kinds of equipment and Dominion's commitment to the environment have made the Clover Power Station one of the cleanest of its type in the nation.

Brief Facts

Net Generating Capacity: 865 megawatts

Generating Capacity by Unit:

  • Unit 1 - 431 megawatts
  • Unit 2 - 434 megawatts

Average Daily Coal Consumption: 3,786 tons

Commercial Operation:

  • Unit 1 - October, 1995
  • Unit 2 - March, 1996

Station Employees: +/- 130

Boiler Manufacturer:  Both units - ABBC

Turbine Generator Manufacturer:  Both units - Westinghouse Electric Corp.

Engineer/Builder:  Black & Veatch and Zachary

NYSE : (April 17, 2014) D 70.67 -0.86