Elizabeth River Power Station

Elizabeth River Power StationElizabeth River Power Station, located on 16 acres in Chesapeake, Virginia, produces enough electricity to power about 78,000 homes, using natural gas as its primary fuel.

Each of Elizabeth River's three combustion-turbine generating units produces 116 megawatts of electricity. They are operated during times of peak customer demand for electricity – on the coldest days of winter and hottest days of summer.

The station began commercial service in June 1992.

Brief Facts

Net Generating Capacity: 348 megawatts

Generating Capacity by Unit:

  • Unit 1- 116 megawatts
  • Unit 2- 116 megawatts
  • Unit 3- 116 megawatts

Commercial Operation:1992

Station Employees: +/- 12

NYSE : (April 16, 2014) D 71.17 0.60