Roanoke River Whitewater

Roanoke Rapids to Weldon Reach - Recreational Paddler Information

The reach of the Roanoke River from the NC Route 48 bridge to the Weldon boat ramp (approximately 5 river miles) offers excellent opportunities for paddlers of various skill levels—depending on water levels.

The last 4 miles of this reach splits into two main channels with numerous connecting braids. The whitewater opportunity is most evident at low river flows.

The release schedules are provided on this site as a service to paddlers (use links on left). The schedules are subject to changes in the case of higher than expected river flow or unexpected demand in the Dominion power system. Paddlers are using the river at their own risk.

WARNING!  Flood, unexpected generating unit starts and other events can cause water release schedules and river conditions to change with little or no notice.

WARNING!  Paddlers should always wear a US Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device and a protective helmet designed for whitewater paddling while engaged in water-sport activities.

Documentation and Evaluation

Annually by February 15, Dominion posts a report on the previous year's paddling season. (PDF files)

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