US Army Corps of Engineers Flow Control

Roanoke River Whitewater

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) operates the J.H. Kerr Reservoir upstream of Dominion's Roanoke Rapids and Gaston Dams.

The reservoir's designated purposes are flood control, hydropower generation, recreation, water supply and maintaining minimum flows—with flood control taking priority.

Each week the USACE determines the amount of water to be released from the dam (weekly declaration). Dominion in turn determines the daily/hourly water releases from Roanoke Rapids Dam within the constraints of its operating license. If the USACE is regulating flows for flood control (generally 8,000 cfs and above), there will be no advanced planned or short-term planned paddler releases.

If an advanced planned release is missed because of flood control, it will be re-planned and posted on this web page.

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