Dominion Generation

Dominion's generating facilities produce about 23,600 megawatts of efficient electric power.

  • Our fossil-fueled power stations primarily use coal to generate electricity, but natural gas and oil are also used.
  • Our nuclear stations have attracted international attention for their innovative programs, achievements and efficiency.
  • We also have a number of Non-Utility Generation Stations that contribute to the generation portfolio.
  • Finally, we also use renewable energy to produce electricity, including wind, solar, biomass fuels, and water that powers our hydroelectric generating facilities. Renewable energy is an increasingly important aspect of Dominion’s diverse generating portfolio. In the near term, renewable power helps lower the company’s carbon intensity and reduces our exposure to unpredictable fuel price swings. Longer term, it is an important aspect of our climate change strategy and the nation’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

Dominion Generation uses this variety of power stations to enhance our system's reliability. This guards against major problems that might be produced by economic, environmental or technical problems that could arise in a single area.

The following table lists our generating units. Links are provided to help you learn more about them. For net summer capabilities and total generation data, visit our SEC Filings page and view the most recent Form 10K. Also learn about the company's Integrated Resource Planning.

  • Contact us if you need additional information.
  • Mailing Address: Dominion Generation, P.O. Box 26666, Richmond, VA 23261

Electric Generating Stations

Utility Generation
Primary Fuel Type
North Anna  Mineral, VA Uranium
Surry  Surry, VA Uranium
Mt. Storm  Mt. Storm, WV Coal
Chesterfield (Units 3-6) Chester, VA Coal
Chesapeake Chesapeake, VA Coal
Clover Clover, VA Coal
Yorktown (Units 1, 2) Yorktown, VA Coal
Bremo  Bremo Bluff, VA Coal
Mecklenburg Clarksville, VA Coal
North Branch  Bayard, WV Coal
Altavista Altavista, VA Coal
Southampton Southampton, VA Coal
Hopewell (Polyester) Hopewell, VA Coal
Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center Virginia City, VA Coal
Bear Garden CC Buckingham Co., VA Gas
Remington CT  Remington, VA Gas
Possum Point CC (Unit 6) Dumfries, VA Gas
Chesterfield CC  Chester, VA Gas
Possum Point CC (Units 3, 4) Dumfries, VA Gas
Elizabeth River CT  Chesapeake, VA Gas
Ladysmith CT  Ladysmith, VA Gas
Bellemeade CC  Richmond, VA Gas
Gordonsville CC  Gordonsville, VA Gas
Rosemary CC  Roanoke Rapids, NC Gas
Gravel Neck CT (Units 3-6) Surry, VA Gas
Darbytown CT  Richmond, VA Gas
Warren County (under construction) Warren Co., VA Gas
Brunswick County (proposed) Brunswick Co., VA Gas
Yorktown (Unit 3) Yorktown, VA Oil
Chesapeake CT Chesapeake, VA Oil
Possum Point CT  Dumfries, VA Oil
Northern Neck CT  Lively, VA Oil
Low Moor CT  Covington, VA Oil
Bath County  Warm Springs, VA Water
Gaston Roanoke Rapids, NC Water
Roanoke Rapids  Roanoke Rapids, NC Water
Pittsylvania  Hurt, VA Other/Biomass

Note: (CT) denotes combustion turbine and (CC) denotes combined cycle.

Merchant Generation
Primary Fuel Type
Millstone Waterford, CT Uranium
Kewaunee (shut down on May 7, 2013) Carlton, WI Uranium
Fairless Works CC  Fairless Hills, PA Gas
Manchester Street  Providence, RI Gas
Dominion Bridgeport Fuel Cell Bridgeport, CT Gas
Azalea Solar Power Facility  Augusta, GA Solar
California Solar Power Projects (under development) Various locations in CA Solar
Indianapolis Solar Power Projects  Franklin Township, IN Solar
Somers Solar Center  Somers, CT Solar
Fowler Ridge Wind Farm Benton Co., IN Wind
NedPower Mount Storm Mt. Storm, WV Wind

Note: (CT) denotes combustion turbine and (CC) denotes combined cycle.

Generation Technologies Assessment

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has developed a Generation Technologies Assessment that provides an in-depth look at current technologies, what it takes to power a city, electricity sources, methods of generation, and technologies by region. A Generation Technology Reference Card (PDF file) also is available.

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