Nuclear Power Stations

Dominion is a world-class nuclear operator.

Dominion is a safe, competitive, world-class nuclear operator. Dominion operates the following nuclear power stations: 

  • Millstone Power Station - Millstone joined the Dominion nuclear family in 2001, and is building an international reputation for safety, reliability and productivity.
  • North Anna Power Station in Louisa County, VA, and Surry Power Station in Surry County, VA - These stations have set numerous operational and outage performance records and have attracted international attention for their innovative programs, achievements and efficiency.
  • Kewaunee Power Station in Carlton, WI - This station joined the Dominion family in 2005. It was shut down permanently on May 7, 2013, ending almost 40 years of nuclear-generated electricity at the station.

Emergency Preparedness

Our nuclear emergency preparedness section provides information on how to respond in the event of a nuclear emergency.

Information Centers

Learn more about nuclear energy with a visit to our Surry Nuclear Information Center or our North Anna Nuclear Information Center. At Millstone, Energy Education programs are also available.

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