Kewaunee Power Station

Dominion Shuts Down Kewaunee Power Station Permanently

Dominion shut down its 556-megawatt Kewaunee Power Station permanently on May 7, ending almost 40 years of nuclear-generated electricity at the station located about 35 miles southeast of Green Bay on Lake Michigan. Over its life, the power station generated about 148 million megawatt-hours of electricity.  >> View our news release for details.

Kewaunee Power StationKewaunee began commercial operation in 1974. Dominion acquired the station in July 2005.

Kewaunee is located in Carlton, Wisconsin, on Lake Michigan about 35 miles southeast of Green Bay.

The exact translation of "Kewaunee" is uncertain, but is commonly believed to be a Native American word meaning "river of the lost."

Emergency Preparedness

Read our emergency planning information. This printable guide features information on public siren systems, testing schedules, evacuation instructions and maps (where to go and what to do), telephone hotlines, and general information about radiation and emergencies at nuclear power stations.

About the Environment

Kewaunee Power Station is now shut down, and a radiological monitoring program has shown virtually no environmental impact from the station, prior to or since the termination of operations.

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