Millstone Power Station

Millstone Power StationMillstone Power Station, located in southeast Connecticut, generates enough electricity from its two operational units to power about 500,000 homes.

Unit 1 began commercial operation in December 1970, and ceased operating in July 1998. It is being decommissioned. Unit 2 began commercial operation in December 1975, and it generates 869.5 megawatts. Unit 3, which began operating in April 1986, generates 1,210 megawatts. Dominion acquired the station in March 2001.

Situated three miles west-southwest of New London, Millstone was named after the site’s historic granite quarry that produced high-quality millstones and structural building granite.

Millstone Resources

Emergency Preparedness

Below are links to Connecticut’s nuclear power plant emergency preparedness guide for the general public. It contains information about nuclear power plants and specific emergency planning information for Millstone Power Station. You can also visit the Connecticut emergency site.

About The Environment

Continuing studies show that Millstone has very minimal effects on the environment. A radiological monitoring program has shown virtually no environmental impact from operation of the station.

Educational Resources

Read our Media Manual for general information on the station, nuclear power, radiation, plant components and systems, emergency procedures, security and much more.

An animated tour of a nuclear power station is also available.

If you have additional questions about Millstone or want to know where to find information about nuclear energy, call (860) 444-5797 or send an e-mail. Also consider our educational programs.


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