Millstone Environmental Policy

In support of the Dominion Nuclear Connecticut mission and station objectives, our nuclear plants are operated in an environmentally sensitive manner. This policy is consistent with and in support of the Dominion Corporate Environmental Policy Statement. As such, we believe it is both good business practice and our duty to protect the natural and cultural resources of the communities we serve. It is our policy to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner that protects the public, our employees and the earth that we all share.

Society places great emphasis on protection of the environment. Accordingly, strict compliance to regulatory requirements alone is not sufficient corporate citizenship to earn public acceptance. Dominion Nuclear Connecticut must actively demonstrate respect for the environment and sensitivity toward fellow citizens.

Adherence to the Station and Corporate environmental management standards and programs ensures that operational and support activities minimize and measure the environmental effect of Dominion Nuclear Connecticut operations. These standards and programs provide for continual improvement in both environmental performance and the Station's environmental management system and accomplish the following objectives: 

  • demonstrate Dominion Nuclear Connecticut's commitment to environmental stewardship; 
  • ensure accountability, openness and responsiveness to our customers, employees, shareholders and the public, by establishing specific objectives and measurable targets that promote  continual improvement 
  • meet or exceed federal, state and local environmental requirements, as well as other voluntary requirements to which the Station or the Corporation subscribe; 
  • activities, projects and design changes potentially affecting the environment are evaluated, documented and mitigated as needed in a timely manner and that the appropriate regulatory agencies are informed; 
  • provide comprehensive plans to prevent and minimize impacts to employees, the public and the environment; 
  • build partnerships with local communities to promote environmental leadership; 
  • develop initiatives to prevent and minimize pollution.

Accordingly, Dominion Nuclear Connecticut personnel will take measures to maintain and enhance the environment by providing active stewardship of our land, air and water natural resources.

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