Surry Power Station

Surry Power Station 

Surry Power Station generates 1,676 megawatts of electric power from its two nuclear reactors — enough electricity to power about 420,000 homes.

Unit 1 began commercial operation in December 1972 and Unit 2 began operating in May 1973.

Surry was Dominion's first nuclear station. It is situated in Surry County in southeastern Virginia, on the south bank of the James River across from historic Jamestown.

Emergency Preparedness

Read our emergency planning information. Although it is highly unlikely that a nuclear emergency should occur at Surry, this information explains what to do and where to go during an emergency.

About The Environment

Continuing studies show that Surry has very minimal effects on the environment. A radiological monitoring program has shown virtually no environmental impact from operation of the station. (> Learn more in our Environmental Report.)

Visit Our Information Center

If you would like to learn more about nuclear energy, we invite you to visit the Surry Nuclear Information Center. The center welcomes visitors including individuals having special needs. To assist us in accommodating any special requirements or needs, we ask that you contact us in advance of your visit. To arrange a visit or for other information, call (757) 357-5410.

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