Hydro Power

Dominion's hydroelectric power stations are a critical part of our renewable energy portfolio. These stations harness energy from moving water to generate electricity.

Each of the company's hydro stations are unique in their design and operation. Electricity produced by the stations generally is used to supplement the power generated at the company's other stations during periods of high demand. Advanced technologies, top-quality training and a dedicated workforce are the keys to the long-running success stories at these stations.

Gaston Power Station Gaston Power Station, pictured at right, is located in Thelma, N.C. on the Roanoke River. Gaston's four generators collectively can produce up to 224 megawatts to power 56,000 houses.

Roanoke Rapids Power Station is located near Roanoke Rapids, N.C. Its four generators can produce up to 104 megawatts, which can power 26,000 houses.

Cushaw Hydro Station is located in Big Island, Va., and can power 500 houses with its 2 megawatts of capacity. And the North Anna Hydro Facility is located in Mineral, Va., and can power 225 houses with its 0.9 megawatts of capacity.

Bath County Pumped Storage Station, while not considered a renewable station in the Virginia legislation, is a pumped storage facility in Virginia. It uses electricity during non-peak demand hours — when it would not be needed otherwise — to pump water up to a holding facility. During peak demand hours, the water is released to operate the turbine generators that provide more than 2,100 megawatts of generating capacity, powering approximately 525,000 houses.

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