Renewable Generation

Although traditional fuel sources such as coal, nuclear and oil are primarily responsible for generating electricity, we can’t make any more of them.  Some forms of renewable energy, such as biomass, grow as plants. Others, such as solar and wind power, are part of natural forces of the Earth. Dominion is increasingly using these basic forms of clean, renewable energy: wind, sun and water. We also use wood biomass as a sustainable fuel and are exploring new initiatives such as offshore wind.

Renewable generation is an important aspect of our generating portfolio to help meet the energy needs of the future.

Solar Generation

Solar Generation

Solar photovoltaic technology is a rapidly growing renewable energy sector.

Learn about our solar projects.

Hydro Generation

Hydro Generation

Generating power with moving water is efficient and friendly to the environment.

Learn about our hydro stations.

Wind Generation

Wind Generation

Wind power holds significant promise for our energy future.

Learn about our wind power facilities.


Renewable Initiatives

Among our initiatives are biomass conversions, solar programs and offshore wind.

Learn about our renewable initiatives.

Biomass Generation

Biomass Generation

Wood waste fuels several power stations, and three more are being converted.

Learn about our biomass facilities.

Goals and Portfolios

Goals and Portfolios

Renewable energy is an increasingly important aspect of our generating portfolio.

Learn about our goals, fleet and portfolio standards.

Additional Resources

Annual Report on Renewable Energy

The 2013 Annual Report on Renewable Energy describes Dominion's efforts to meet renewable portfolio standard goals, its generation of renewable energy, and advances in renewable generation technology that affect the company's activities.

Citizenship & Sustainability Report

View our Citizenship & Sustainability Report and learn about some of the ways that Dominion is working to achieve sustainable value for our stakeholders.

Environmental Report

View the Renewable Energy and Green Power section of our environmental report for details on renewable goals, investments and initiatives.

Green Power
  • Dominion Green Power -- This is a voluntary program for customer in Virginia that gives you a practical and economical way to support renewable energy and harness the benefits.
  • NC Greenpower --  This is an independent, non-profit program for customers in North Carolina that provides an easy and effective way to protect and improve the quality of the environment.
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