Net Metering FAQs

Net Metering 

Net Metering Eligibility and Availability

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering is a program that allows customers to interconnect approved renewable generation systems to the electric grid and provide electricity to their residence or facility. The electricity provided by the renewable generation system offsets electricity that would have been delivered by Dominion.

How do I apply for Net Metering?

Please visit our Net Metering Application page and follow the instructions listed to become a Net Metering participant.

How does Net Metering work?

Once a Net Metering Agreement has been approved, a special billing meter is installed that can measure both the quantity and the direction that the electricity is flowing.

The energy your system makes is first used by your home or business. When your renewable generation system is making more electricity than you are using at the time, the excess electricity is recorded by the meter as it flows back into the grid which will be used to offset future electric use. View an example of how net metering works »

How much electricity can my system produce?

Maximum renewable generator sizes are:

Virginia Virginia North Carolina
Residential Non-residential All Customer Classes
20 kW 500 kW 1000 kW

Net Metering Billing

How is Net Metering billed?

You will receive a bill that is similar to your normal electric bill.

The difference is that the bill will be lower than your bill would have been without net metering because all or a portion of the electricity your system makes will be consumed by you and not provided or billed by Dominion. If you made more extra electricity than you needed from Dominion, the amount will be used to offset future electricity you get from Dominion.

Do I need a Power Purchase agreement?

Not necessarily. If you have a smaller renewable generator, that you expect to use most if not all the renewable energy throughout the year, a power purchase agreement is not necessary. The excess energy you produce rolls over from year to year. However, the excess energy rolled over from this year, will need to be used (applied) next year.

If you have a larger generator with consistent excess renewable energy, you may want to consider a power purchase agreement. Refer to Section F of the Terms and Conditions for additional information about a Power Purchase Agreement with Dominion.

Where on my bill does it show all the energy my system produced?

Your electric bill does not show all of the energy your system produced. The energy you produce that is consumed by your home does not pass through the Dominion meter.

How much do I get for the energy my system produces?

The energy you produce and consume offsets the energy you would normally purchase from Dominion and it is valued at the amount you would pay for your next kWh. The cost varies with individual usage patterns and you should refer to your previous electric bills to determine the appropriate value.

Please see the terms and conditions for further information.

What does it cost to interconnect a generating facility?

Often there are no charges for net metering interconnections on Dominion’s system. Dominion’s charges can vary substantially depending on the amount of engineering time and construction work necessary to complete the interconnection.

Other Net Metering Information

Can I sell power instead of net metering?

Yes. There are a number of entities that will buy your power output. If you want to sell your power, you can explore the options available to you. The options include, but are not limited to, selling power into the PJM Market and selling it to Dominion.  However, selling power requires additional metering and interconnection equipment which is an additional cost you will want to consider.

What if I sell my house?

Dominion will continue to net meter and transfer the net meter to the next owner.  Until advised that the system has been removed, the premise is considered a net meter premise.

Can I cancel my net metering participation?

You can cancel at any time by calling 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357).  This will require disconnecting the renewable generation and removing the interconnection from Dominion’s system. 

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