Surety Bond

Dominion holds this document in lieu of a cash security deposit to protect the Company against loss resulting from unpaid service bills by nonresidential customers. The minimum dollar amount for this application is $500.00. It is very important that the information on the Surety Bond is correct and complete. Otherwise, the Company cannot honor it in lieu of a cash security deposit. The Surety Bond remains in effect for two years.

Download the Surety Bond Form

Add your Dominion account number to the form and mail it to:

Dominion East Ohio
P. O. Box 5759
Cleveland, OH 44101

When submitting the Surety Bond form:

  • Provide the mailing address and phone number of the Surety company.
  • Include the Surety Bond number.
  • The Surety Bond bears the signature and title of the Dominion account holder (principal) and the signature (with seal) of the Surety Bonding company.
  • Attach a Power of Attorney from the Surety Bond company.
  • The dollar amount of the Surety Bond is equal to the amount of security deposit requested.
  • The name on the Surety Bond must be the same name as it appears on your Dominion account.
  • Your business must be registered to do business in the state in which you receive service from Dominion. Accordingly, this business, which Dominion recognizes as its customer, must be the owner or the bona fide lessee of the property that receives the service and must register to do business in the state if it is not.
  • The correct Dominion company is named as the beneficiary.