EDGE Energy Efficiency, How It Works



Using the EDGESM Planner product alongside traditional circuit planning tools you can quickly analyze AMI data and identify voltage outliers at the customer level. The detailed level of data provided by EDGESM Planner gives visibility into what upgrades may be required to maximize energy savings. This step in the EDGESM Energy Efficiency Program is put in place for each circuit that will be running voltage reduction, allowing you to dial in your business case at a circuit by circuit level. Guided by the EDGESM Planner product, this process is also repeated as your grid changes, giving you confidence that energy savings will be sustained.


Following the planning phase of the EDGESM Energy Efficiency Program, the distribution operator can engage voltage optimization, specifying a unique configuration for EDGESM to operate under, allowing you to stay within your operating guidelines.  Real time feedback for both customer and substation voltages give the operator confidence that planned voltage levels are being met and quality service is being provided to the customer. EDGESM Manager offers a variety of control options to the operator, allowing them to engage and disengage voltage reduction on a circuit by circuit basis as well as override voltage optimization to hold the voltage at a predetermined level.


Using field-proven statistical analysis methods built into the EDGESM Validator product, you can measure and verify actual energy savings achieved for each circuit running voltage optimization. Combining substation and weather data, savings can be measured without the need to use traditional on and off verification methods. This allows savings to continue as verification take place.  The validate process also provides a feedback loop into the planning process, confirming expected energy savings were achieved and highlighting circuits that may need to be improved in order to sustain or obtain additional energy savings for the customer.

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