EDGE Energy Efficiency Program


Your Smart Grid Will Keep Getting Smarter

  • Make an automatic investment in the future
    EDGESM adapts to real-time system changes without the burden of detailed circuit model maintenance. It integrates seamlessly with your existing AMI platform, and provides the foundation to incorporate future distribution technologies.
  • Deliver significant and sustainable energy savings
    EDGESM is more than control software.  It is a practical conservation voltage-reduction program that can reduce energy usage by an estimated 2% to 4% annually.
  • Give your customers everything for nothing
    Substantial energy savings are automatic and invisible.  There is absolutely no change in behavior, additional purchases, or added technology necessary.  With our EDGESM voltage optimization solution, costs are reduced with no change in service.
  • Reduce your impact on the environment
    Narrowing the voltage band conserves natural resources.  Introducing the intelligent voltage control of EDGESM to your distribution network triggers an immediate and ongoing reduction of all emissions, including carbon.
  • Raise the "Efficiency IQ" of your grid
    Our efficiency program utilizes EDGESM software that speaks the language of your smart meters and understands the value of leveraged information.  The planning module identifies circuit improvements to enhance performance and efficiency.  Once in place, the monitoring system adapts to keep customers in the most efficient lower 5% of the required voltage range.  It also seamlessly adjusts for seasonal changes and new customer load.

It’s More Than Control Software

  • Plan: AMI Data along with Dominion’s Energy Distribution and Grid Efficiency tools give insight into where distribution upgrades may be required to achieve maximum energy savings.
  • Manage: Premise level visibility into  customer voltage  eliminates the need to maintain a complex circuit model in order to perform CVR.
  • Validate: Dominion brings a proven methodology to evaluate, measure, and verify savings achieved with this grid side efficiency program.
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