Electric Delivery Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB)

This EBB is used by Dominion Virginia Power/Dominion North Carolina Power's (DVP) electric distribution division for the following purposes:

  1. Provide DVP's functionally separate Generation division and/or its affiliated competitive service provider (ACSP) (currently, Dominion Retail, Inc.) with Operational Information related to electricity on its system;
  2. Report disclosure of Operational Information by DVP Operational Employees to the functionally separate Generation division and/or the ACSP, if such information previously has not been publicly disseminated; and
  3. Report emergency conditions that have resulted in a deviation from the Virginia electric codes of conduct.

Information posted on this EBB may be reviewed by the public, but only DVP's electric distribution division or its designee may post information on it. DVP's posting procedures can be found on Dominion's Law Department intranet website. For inquiries concerning matters posted on this page, send us an email.

The emergency deviation from the Virginia Functional Separation Code of Conduct and Internal Controls for winter storm preparation and restoration efforts, as reported in the posting on February 11, 2014, has ended.

Date Posted:  February 17, 2014

Due to anticipated emergency conditions arising from the winter storm in Virginia Electric and Power’s service territory, Virginia Electric and Power Company (the Company) is declaring an emergency deviation from the Virginia Functional Separation Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct) and Internal Controls, to the extent necessary for storm preparation and restoration efforts. An emergency deviation from the Code of Conduct and Internal Controls is necessary to allow employees of the Company’s Generation Business Unit to assist electric distribution and customer service with storm preparation and service restoration efforts. These employees may be given access to storm centers and other Electric Delivery operational areas and information as needed to perform these emergency functions.

Date Posted:  February 11, 2014

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