Gas Distribution Operations

Dominion Gas Distribution Operations ensures safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to 1.8 million customers.

Installer Support

Dominion provides plumber qualification information, service and house line installation standards, approved materials, forms, announcements, etc. Select a state from the left menu to access applicable information.

Description of Gas Distribution Operations

The organization has three areas of responsibility:

  • Gas Design
    Responsible for residential and small commercial sales, the approval and design of new customer connections, the analysis of our gas infrastructure and recommendations of appropriate replacement and addition strategies, and the maintenance of all mapping systems.
  • Gas Construction
    Responsible for main line extensions, main line replacements, company service line additions, company service line replacements, pipeline and service line abandonments, restoration, and contract administration for line repairs, replacements and additions. This group is also responsible for Fleet Maintenance Operations. This includes preventative maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment, monitoring fleet vendor performance, parts inventory management, warranty recovery, maintenance policies and natural gas vehicles.
  • Gas Operations
    Responsible for 24/7 emergency response, activities related to pipeline code compliance, pipeline and service line surveillance, corrosion control, field service activities including turn on's/off's, high bill checks, rereads and meter sets, and contract administration for line locating and leak detection. This group is also the interface with the Customer Service Center, Customer Credit Services and the Customer Billing Services Group.
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