Plumber Qualification Information



On January 3, 2007, the West Virginia Public Service Commission adopted changes that will change customer service line inspection/testing procedures for Dominion Hope.

Starting March 4, 2007, individuals installing the customer portion of the jurisdictional service line DO NOT need to be operator qualified. The customer portion of the service line is defined as the portion of pipeline from the property line, right-of-way, or easement line to the inlet of the meter, regardless of the meter location.

With this change, the following procedures will be implemented for Dominion Hope customers:

  1. A representative of the utility shall inspect the exposed service line in the ditch. The entire service line must be left uncovered and exposed for inspection.
  2. The plastic joints must be connected by the utility representative, NOT the installer. This means that the plastic pipe will not be connected at the riser by the installer. The connection MUST be made by the utility representative.
  3. It shall be the installers responsibility to protect the pipe ends and fittings from damage prior to Dominion’s arrival. Open pipe ends and fittings should be taped or capped to keep water and debris damage at a minimum.
  4. Dominion will stab the plastic joints at both ends of the service line.

The utility representative must make the service line connections. The installer is responsible for building the meter set only. This means that the meter set must be properly supported so that it will stand without the plastic pipe attached to it. You will no longer need to complete the Service Line Installation Record - Gas.

You can contact the Company for connection once the service line, 4’ X 4’ bell holes at the curb valve and meter set, the meter loop construction and support is completed.

Effective immediately, only Factory assembled risers with a pig-tail connection (a stab connection on the bottom of the riser or a plastic stub that can be connected using a stab fitting furnished by the customer) are the only kind authorized.

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