Environmental Stewardship

Environmental footprint of the Cove Point export project

The Cove Point export project will have the smallest environmental footprint for a facility of its kind. The project will be built within the existing footprint. Its greenhouse gas emissions will be about the same as from a mid-sized natural gas-fired power station – just as the many being built in Maryland and across the nation. The facility will make use of the pier, existing tanks and other infrastructure put in place for when Cove Point was built to import natural gas nearly 40 years ago.

Environmental review

  • Dominion has or is in the process of obtaining 50 permits or approvals from federal, state and local agencies that it needs prior to beginning construction.
  • The U.S. Energy Department approved the project after a detailed review. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Maryland Public Service Commission, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Power Plant Research Program, the Maryland Department of the Environment and Calvert County are in the process of rigorous environmental reviews.
  • The company’s conservation management plan of Cove Point’s 1,000 acres around the terminal ensures that the area will remain untouched as a nature preserve.
  • The project will be the first facility of its kind to use waste heat to generate its electricity.
  • Wastewater from the new facility will be recycled.

Learn more about Dominion’s environmental stewardship at the Cove Point facility, such as our restoration of the largest freshwater marsh on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay or our "green" LEED certified administration building.

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