Security at Dominion Cove Point

Dominion Cove Point has a comprehensive security program and an experienced, highly trained security staff that operates state-of-the-art monitoring and detection systems.

Dominion Cove Point's security program is routinely inspected by the Coast Guard, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Department of Transportation. It meets or surpasses the requirements of the federal maritime security regulation, CFR 33-105.

The Coast Guard's jurisdiction includes the ship as it is in transit in the Chesapeake Bay, the equipment and piping on the offshore platform, and the piping leading from the platform to the tanks onshore.

Even before the ship enters the Virginia capes, the Coast Guard closely supervises the ship's voyage up the Chesapeake Bay. During the trip to Dominion Cove Point, the Coast Guard continuously maintains a safety zone around the ship. The Coast Guard also continually enforces a safety zone around the offshore platform when a ship is not present. Ultimately, the Coast Guard conducts thorough inspections of everything under its jurisdiction.

When a transport ship is docked at the offshore platform, the safety and security zone is enforced by the Calvert County sheriff's department, using specially designed boats provided by Dominion.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Office of Pipeline Safety is another key agency. Its jurisdiction begins where the Coast Guard jurisdiction ends and includes the tanks, the facility process equipment and the pipeline. The OPS routinely conducts safety inspections and audits.

Finally, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which approved the reactivation and expansion of Dominion Cove Point, is monitoring the facility.

Dominion's Commitment to a Safe and Secure Cove Point

Dominion's overall outstanding corporate safety record provides reasons for public confidence in the company's ability to operate Dominion Cove Point in a safe and secure manner.

For example, Dominion oversees one of the nation's largest and safest nuclear energy programs, with reactors in Virginia, Connecticut and Wisconsin. The company safely operates more than 11,000 miles of natural gas transmission, gathering and storage pipeline.

Dominion has implemented a comprehensive security plan (as described above) and works closely to coordinate its emergency response plans with local agencies.

Dominion Cove Point's security organization plays a leadership role in law enforcement meetings with local, federal and state law enforcement agencies, local businesses, and private sector critical infrastructure workgroups.
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