Hastings Area

Natural gas production is fed from gathering lines throughout West Virginia and is boosted along the way by field compressor stations. The final compression takes place at the Hastings Extraction Plant. The cryogenic area processes the wet gas stream, removing hydrocarbons and making gas suitable for high-pressure transmission system customers.Hastings Extraction / Fractionation PlantHastings Extraction / Fractionation Plant

Propane, isobutane, normal butane and natural gasoline are then produced in the fractionation area of the plant.

These products are shipped from the Galmish loading facilities by railcar and tank truck to customers throughout the area.

Natural gasoline is also pumped by pipeline to storage and shipped by barge from a facility at Bens Run, W.Va., on the Ohio River.

In addition, propane is shipped by pipeline from Galmish to Floreffe Jct. in Pennsylvania.

Extraction Process

Liquids Extraction & Fractionation Process  — The gas feed from the inlet centrifugal compressor at Hastings is first used to supply heat to the deethanizer in the reboiler. Because the gas must be chilled to -102° F, all traces of moisture are removed by molecular sieve bed driers. The extraction process then begins.

The inlet gas passes through heat exchangers to continue the cooling process. Some of the heavier components of the gas become liquid and drop out in the cold separator. The remaining cold gas is then fed to the Turbo-expander, where the expansion of the gas and resulting pressure drop causes more liquid to be produced. This liquid is then fed to the absorber for even more heat exchange and final removal from the gas stream of all except the very lightest hydrocarbon components. The gas from the top of the absorber is warmed, the pressure boosted by the expander boost compressor and fed to the residue compressor for return to the pipeline system.

The liquid produced in the cryogenic area is processed in the fractionation section of the plant. The various fractionation towers distill the products using temperature and pressure control to cause the products to vaporize and leave the tops of the towers. This vaporized product is condensed to liquid by air coolers and then pumped to storage.


Galmish Loading FacilityGalmish Loading FacilityLoading & Storage — Both the railcar loading and truck loading facilities, as well as the storage spheres for isobutane and normal butane, are located at Galmish.

Two larger storage tanks for propane are located above the rail loading area. All products can be loaded into railcars or tanker trucks from this location and delivered to customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Although all products can be loaded and shipped from Galmish, propane can also be pumped through Dominion’s G-136 propane pipeline that interconnects with Enterprise’s TE Products Pipeline System (TEPPCO) at Floreffe Jct. in Pennsylvania, where propane products can be sold, shipped and stored on their system.

Charleroi Propane Loading TerminalCharleroi Propane Loading TerminalIn addition, as of June 3, 2011 Dominion has added the capability of pumping propane on G-136 to Charleroi, PA where a new propane truck terminal and storage facility has been constructed to serve the market area.

In addition, natural gasoline can be pumped to Ben’s Run and loaded onto barges for delivery to customers.

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