Anthony Lambert

2010 Summer Intern -- Richmond, Va.

Anthony LambertI am a rising junior at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University majoring in Information Technology — a field I am growing to love more and more each day. I have just completed my second session with Dominion as a summer intern working as a LAN Administrator at the Energy Clearinghouse. Coming from a small town close to the Outer Banks, I had quite a culture shock coming to a more heavily-populated city. Numerous adjustments had to be made, and I’m proud to say that I’ve matured from the experience.

My day starts with a check of the Service Desk Center (USD) Application to see what problems or technical issues exist  on the trading floor. When a client has an issue, they call the IT Helpline to document the problem and send it to us at Tredegar. I help support everything — from computers to printers to Blackberries—all to ensure that our clients can perform their business duties. My work may consist of anything from deploying software to replacing a motherboard.  One day I might set up a new user workstation and the next day I might be troubleshooting a Virtual Private Network. There is no such thing as a "boring day" for me. Once the job has been done and the client is happy, the ticket is closed and I am on to the next problem.

Dominion has given me something that far exceeds the normal classroom setting. I like to get my feet wet while learning as it helps me retain the lesson a little better than reading about it in a book. I have a strong interest in the areas of network communications, software development and technical Support. Thanks to the wonderful employees at Dominion, I have gained useful insight and hands-on experience in all three areas. IT is the kind of field where, in most cases, a person finds one area and excels at it. However, I am well on my way to mastering multiple IT skill sets. I also feel that I have a head start on skills I will learn this upcoming semester. And it all started at Dominion!

Dominion is my company of choice because of the simple fact that they gave me a chance to succeed. I began my college career determined to find a summer internship in order gain awareness in relation to my major. Being a freshman, I knew very little about IT.  I quickly found myself being rejected by companies claiming I lacked the skills necessary to contribute value. I am thankful that Dominion was able to see something in me, as receiving an internship was my first major goal and Dominion helped me achieve it.

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